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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Chanakya once said all major decisions that we take in our life are directly or indirectly related with money. This saying is so true and so wise that we all should take this very seriously. We often undermine the role of financial advisors. Think of great personalities like Chanakya, Tenali Rama or Birbal, all were chief advisors who played very important role in the success of their masters.

Financial matters can be complicated. Tasks like buying and selling stocks, preparing for retirement and protecting your estate so you can pass it on to your children are all complex and often drains out your energy and time. Handling all of them on your own is enough to make your head spin.

One need to be very careful while choosing the financial advisor. Always ask these questions before choosing a financial advisor: Can you trust him, does he has adequate knowledge to understand your unique needs and can he give you straightforward and unbiased advice.

Once you have chosen your advisor, treat him like your long-term friend. Discuss your money matters and other financial situations with him. Don’t hide any information from him if you are looking for right solutions. The more you involve your financial advisor in your major decisions the more he could add value. Look for a guide in your financial advisor.

This long-term friend will not only plan your finances but also construct your pathway to achieve your major financial goals. He is the only one who would stand strong besides you and help you navigate the complex life situations. Make sure your financial planner aka long-term friend is a part of your happy and moments of life.

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