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As an individual, Financial Decisions can be challenging. We are here to provide comprehensive solutions for every stage in life, provide YOU financial freedom and help YOU to live the life YOU want.

As an Organisation its becomes tricky with Taxes and employer benefits. We help organisations to save tax while delivering benefits to their employees. Currently we help Organisations, Establishments & Small Businesses to achieve their GOALS.

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1. Protection Solutions


Have you ever thought, Who would take care of your family when you are not around?

Term Plans are excellent way for financial security for your family, to maintain their lifestyle in the unfortunate event of death of the earning family member.

Additionally Save Tax up to  Rs.1,50,000


2. Savings solutions

Fulfill all your dreams and aspirations like buying a house, nice car, providing your children with best education, grand marriage reception and your children education in foreign university.

This is only possible with a good financial planning followed by well structured savings Plans.

Additionally Save Tax up to  Rs.1,50,000


3. retirement solutions

To ensure the current lifestyle is maintained even after you stop working, build an adequate corpus while you are still working.

 It is imperative to carefully plan your savings so as to enjoy your golden retirement years with your family.

Additionally Save Tax up to  Rs.1,50,000


4. health solutions

Enjoy the facility of cashless treatment from 10,000+ Top Hospitals all over India or reimbursement for the incurred expenses.

Health Insurance or Medical Insurance is the financial coverage for Ambulance, Room Rent and medical expenses when the policyholder is hospitalised.

Additionally Save Tax up to  Rs.50,000


5. vehicle/home/travel solutions

General Insurance is for for valuables other than your life and health

1. Motor Insurance - Protection against damage or theft of your Bike/Car

2. Home Insurance - Protection against your home and the items inside it

3. Travel Insurance - Covers your trips Local/Abroad for loss or theft of your valuables as well as documents


6. mutual funds

Monthly Investment in Mutual Funds will help you to build your wealth and go after your life goals.

1. Long Term Wealth: Suitable for 5+ years long term investment
2. Short Term Money: Suitable for 1 - 5 year short term savings


Additionally Save Tax up to  Rs.1,50,000


7. Financial Services

Housing Loans:  Fulfill your dreams of own home with interest rates starting at 7.90% p.a with flexible repayment options.


Business Loans: Fulfill your own office building / additional cash for new ventures with our loans against property program.

Educational Loans: Fulfill your dream education in foreign universities with our educational loans program.

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